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Co2ld Waters

At the end of the 2014 fishing season, five respected fly fishermen – Craig Mathews of Blue Ribbon Flies, Yvon Chouinard of Patagonia, Steve Hemkens of Orvis, Tim Romano of […]

Yow: Icelandic for Yes!

Yow: Icelandic for Yes! Teaser from Tributaries Digital Cinema on Vimeo. The thing is: it’s not just a word, it’s a feeling — it’s smiling with a pull of whiskey […]

90 Miles

90 Miles is the physical distance between the Florida Keys and Cuba. It is what connects us and what separates us. This film is the first documentary that WorldANGLING has […]


Ask one of the main characters in this film, conservationist and wilderness guide Charlie Conn (Director of the Taimen Fund), what this film is about and he’ll humbly tell you, […]

Breaking Through: The story of Larry Fivecoats

Larry Fivecoats served with the 173rd Airborne Brigade in Vietnam in 1966 and 1967. In that time, Larry was involved in over 150 firefights and witnessed very heavy casualties. When […]


THOSE MOMENTS is a feature film for the 2015 fly fishing festival cycle, following fly fishing guides on their day off. We start in Alaska with Hawkeye and Zac searching […]

Out of Touch

OUT OF TOUCH TRAILER from SHALLOW WATER EXPEDITIONS on Vimeo. Out lives are run by technology and sometimes its just better to be ‘Out of Touch’ and just have fun. […]


Last June, the Montana Wild crew was thirsty for some fly fishing. Black bear season was over but spring run-off most certainly was not, leaving few options for clear waters […]

SALT 365

Two lifelong surfers living in Orange County California, and from opposites ends of the earth, forge a strong, late in life friendship through their shared passion for the obscure sport […]


Carpland is a documentary-style adventure film about the history of carp in the United States. This non-native invasive species was introduced to U.S. waterways as a food source, and quickly […]

The Lost Boys of Yantarni

The Lost Boys of Yantarni – Trailer from Fly Out Media on Vimeo. The Lost Boys of Yantarni is the story of the quirky few, stubborn enough to live and […]

Wild Fish Works

Wild Fish Works: Oregon Coast (Official Trailer) from Russ Schnitzer on Vimeo. Wild salmon and steelhead are important to more than just anglers. They represent significant social, cultural and economic […]

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